Vacuum face massage, Guasha, minerals…

Classic facial massage, vacuum cans, Guasha (scraper), minerals, royal massage roller

Guasha massage is an ancient massage practice that traditionally came from Chinese medicine. The name translates as “to scrape all the bad”, gua, - to scrape, “sha,” - bad. The massage is performed with special plates of various shapes made of stones. The effect is similar to acupuncture - there is an effect on the reflex points of the face along the meridians, but without penetration into the tissues. Thanks to a powerful impulse, all metabolic processes in the skin are improved, recovery processes are triggered, an excellent lymphatic drainage effect is achieved. In accordance with Chinese teachings, many ailments develop under the influence of external factors and penetrate into the body through the skin (heat and cold, wind and dampness) and it is quite logical that the removal of all bad and harmful from the body will also be carried out most effectively through the skin. It is with this task that the Chinese massage Guasha can cope.

Vacuum facial massage has a reputation as a highly effective skin rejuvenation procedure. Under the influence of vacuum cans, wrinkles are leveled, edema disappears, circles under the lower eyelid disappear. By activating the work of the lymphatic and circulatory systems in the epidermis, regeneration processes are triggered.Massage with precious and semi-precious stones contributes to a gentle but very effective treatment of various diseases