Sculptural buccal facial massage

The massage tightens and strengthens the muscles, which helps to make the face contour clear and expressive.
The procedure helps to reduce the volume of the cheeks - this is important for women who are struggling with excess weight. It is difficult to get rid of fat deposits on the face in another way.
After the massage, the nasolabial fold disappears, wrinkles around the lips become less noticeable or completely dissolve.
The procedure relieves muscle spasms. The muscles are toned after the massage, thanks to which it is possible to eliminate the consequences of a stroke. The skin of the face acquires a beautiful color, becomes smooth, elastic and radiant: what gives such changes? The massage stimulates cell division and active renewal of the epidermis.

Traditionally, a buccal massage course consists of 5-10 procedures. The technique really works wonders. The transformations are noticeable after the first manipulations, and at the end of the massage, the woman sees a completely different reflection in the mirror. The rejuvenating technique is an excellent alternative to surgical tightening.