Lymphatic drainage anti-cellulite massage

Lymph drainage massage

Lymphatic drainage massage (the name is originated from the word to drain) is a multifunctional active massage. The massage can be used to reduce heaviness in legs, activate blood circulation and fight against cellulite, that is why it is often called an anti-cellulite massage. However, it is worth mentioning that the lymph drainage massage and anti-cellulite massage are not the same.

An anti-cellulite massage is performed when the adipose layer of the skin changes and there is a need not only to reduce the fat layer, but also release fibrous walls. As a result, the skin begins to look smoother.

Women worry that cellulite looks non-aesthetic. It should be the least matter to worry about because cellulite - not only an aesthetic problem, but also a health disorder that tends to progress; if it is not treated, then, leg heaviness, swelling, changes in skin color, and sometimes even pain start tormenting a person. When cellulite progresses, fluids start accumulating in tissues causing worsening of visualization and appearance of the mentioned symptoms. Hence, if you suffer from cellulite it should be treated with an anti-cellulite massage.

Nevertheless, if you want to achieve the best result in both the fight against cellulite and improvement to your health, it is better to choose lymphatic drainage massage that not only fights against skin changes, but also has a positive effect on your health:

-Effectively decreases bruising, swelling, edemas;
-Affects the swelling processes, reducing the healing period;
-Suppresses scarring, node formation;
-Improves decreased muscle tone in problematic areas of the body;
-Improves reduction of lymphatic microcirculation;
- Suppresses local inflammation;
-Stimulates the lymphatic system to absorb and drain the adipose tissue, which is extremely important after laser lipodestruction or liposuction operations.

What is lymph drainage massage used for?

Lymphatic drainage massage is suitable for both men and women of any age:

- Lymphatic drainage massage treats cellulite. It is ideally combined with the shockwave acoustic method;
- It also stimulates blood circulation, making it particularly suitable for people with cold legs;
- This procedure removes leg swelling as well as fatigue. After a long day, it relaxes tired feet and provides a light leg sensation;
- In addition, lymph drainage massage is very effective against lymphatic stasis both in hands and feet after an injury, or surgery.