Indian foot massage

Indian foot massage (feet and head) Foot massage has been known in India for several millennia. According to yoga teachings, the feet are a kind of switchboard. Indian foot massage - by acting on certain points of this shield, you can influence the entire body. There are 72 thousand nerve endings on the soles. All internal organs have projections on the feet. It is safe to say that with the help of massage you can purposefully change the state of the body. There are five main types of massage effects on the body; tonic, soothing, trophic, energotropic, normalization of functions. At the end of the massage, you can include elements of a head massage to complete the procedure and harmonize the client. The result after the foot massage is amazing. The heaviness in the legs, calluses or varicose veins disappears, and insomnia also disappears. Massage has a very beneficial effect on the deformation of the bones in the legs or flat feet, improves metabolism and blood circulation.