Hot stone therapy – stone massage/ himalayan salt stone/ jade +Aroma massage

Hot stone therapy - stone massage/ himalayan salt stone/ jade +peeling+Aroma massage

Stones have a healing effect - inside each stone there is a crystal and each of them has its own soul.Stones affect a person with their energy radiation, which affect not only a certain area of ​​the skin, but also through the nervous system send impulses to deeper areas of the body and organs. During the massage, the body relaxes, then the energy system is aligned. Such massage not only reduces the symptoms of diseases, but also eliminates their causes.

Stone massage is indicated for metabolic disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, cellulite, in stressful situations, for headaches, osteochondrosis, scoliosis, arthritis, for the prevention of depression and other diseases. Peeling is a special cleansing procedure that removes dead cells and takes place skin renewal. Peeling is intended for the prevention of skin aging and the correction of age-related cosmetic defects, and is also recommended before tanning and vacation to prepare the skin for an even natural tan. During peeling, the processes of skin renewal are launched, its elasticity is significantly improved.

Full body aroma massage with individual selection of essential oils!
Aroma massage is a special technique when the healing effect and opening of the deep centers of vitality is carried out according to the feedback method. Everyone knows that pleasure causes a rise in mood, optimism, and a surge of energy!