Honey massage

Detox Back Massage
This is a very powerful and detoxifying back massage, honey is spread on the back and when sticky it lifts the fascia and muscle to help relieve tightness, we use different massage strokes as well as a ‘pumping out’ technique that is unique to honey massage.

Cellulite Treatment
This can be done on any area of the body such as legs, arms or abdomen. Again we use the ‘pumping out’ technique which also draws out toxins that are removed with a hot towel at the end of the treatment. We also use a lovely lavender almond oil to sooth and calm the area after.
A course of treatments is really recommended to see great results for cellulite.

Facial Rejuvenation
After cleansing the skin, the honey is applied and worked to the face and neck area. You will notice a much brighter skin tone, great for sluggish skin tones.

More Info on Honey Massage:
The detoxification secret of honey massage lies in the healing power of honey in combination with the effects of a ‘pumping out’ massage technique and the powerful stress-relieving reflex therapy.

The healing properties of honey are combined with a compressing touch which results in the ‘pumping’ of toxins out of your body. As honey has biologically active substances, it absorbs toxins and promotes their fast removal from the body.

During the massage, the reflexive zones of all internal organs are stimulated. The stimulation of these reflexive zones and the start of the detoxification process promote a strong revival of the whole body. Honey massage considerably improves blood circulation in deeper layers of the skin and so warms and tones the skin, promoting improvements in nutrition and waste removal in the skin and in all of internal organs.

Benefits of honey massage
The effect of the honey massage can be felt almost immediately after a single treatment, helping to improve vitality and relaxing your mind and body. Honey massage will help to:

Remove pathogens, salts and toxins
Relax the entire nervous system
Improve blood circulation, metabolism
Increase the lymphatic system flow
Light suction provides drainage of toxins and excess fluids, whilst heavier suction can stimulate circulation to stagnant muscles and loosen fibrous adhesions
Cleanse, moisturise, nourish the skin and increase its elasticity (It is safe for very sensitive skins)
Break down lipid pockets (cellulite) assisting with body contouring and toning of the skin
Free the individual from intellectual and physical chronic exhaustion
Cleanse the body, increase immunity and the ability of the organism to purify itself
Produce soothing and rejuvenating effec.