Classic massage – rejuvenating face

At a young age, expression lines are visible only when your face expresses any emotion. In later life, these lines develop into permanent (static) wrinkles. This happens due to the fact that muscles have ‘muscle memory’. That is why with age one’s face can tell a story about their temper, habits etc.
To prevent static wrinkles, you should regularly, starting from a young age, undergo the massage treatments twice a year (2 to 3 times a week, at least 10 procedures), which should be complemented with weekly reinforcement procedures.

Beyond that, facial massage has diverse physiological effects on the skin:

Horny scales of epidermis, as well as foreign particles, which penetrated into cutaneous pores, are removed from the skin surface
The function of perspiratory and oil glands is improved
The blood and lymphatic circulation of the skin is improved; the consequences of venous hyperemia are remedied; the skin blood supply and nourishment are improved
The skin and muscular tone is improved; due to this, the skin is smooth, firm and elastic
Metabolic activity is improved
Skin ageing process is retarded
Classic (cosmetic) massage. It is recommended to treat the dry and fading skin; if it is necessary, this massage can be carried out on other types of skin. For classic massage, cream or massage oil are applied.


Skin swelling
Poor skin turgor
Age-related skin dryness
Need for facial contour modeling

Acne and other skin disorders


Muscular memory cleaning
Improvement of muscular and facial tone and elasticity
Improvement of skin nourishment and hydration
Improvement of skin oxygenation
Activation of cellular regenerative process
Healthy complexion
Lift effect
Modeling of facial contour, neck and décolleté
Improvement of blood supply
Excretion of wastes from the organism
Better overall health