VACUUM THERAPY Visceral therapy

Improves peripheral circulation of blood, lymph, interstitial fluid.
The phenomena of stagnation are eliminated, metabolism and dermal breathing in the massaged part of the body are intensified. The skin becomes elastic, its resistance to temperature and mechanical factors increases, the contractile function of muscles improves, their tone, elasticity increases.
In the zone where the vacuum effect occurs, biologically active substances called enzymes are formed. They launch a variety of exchange and recovery processes.
In addition, thanks to the vacuum, toxins and many other harmful substances are literally "exhausted" through the skin.
Under the canal, an extract of sebaceous and sweat glands is produced, which, in addition to salts, includes urea, acetone, fatty acids, which are toxic in the body at excessive concentrations. Effective removal of them in a vacuum

massage, makes it possible to compare this method with the effect of the bath. If the amount of slag and toxins in the organ that is associated with the zone where the bank is standing is too large, then the body literally throws out these slags as specific bubbles filled with a transparent liquid that appear under the can:


• for skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, fungus), purulent inflammation, calluses, minor abrasions and wounds;

• with reduced blood coagulability;
• for treatment with steroids;
• in the first half of pregnancy, because the immune system and at the peak of activity and additional stimulation can be harmful;
• at elevated temperature;
• with bleeding