SPA Massage with buckwheat, salt, rice pouches, healing herbs

A pinda massage involves the use of plant pouches (healing pillows). Pinda have been used in Eastern medicine since ancient times. Name of the therapy frequently varies but the basic principle remains the same. All pinda ingredients are completely natural – their external finish is made from cotton fabric but their filling is comprised of mixtures of plants, rare roots, valuable blossoms and exotic fruit. For example, special pindas warmed in the vegetable oil are used during the Sanshui therapy. Massage is performed along the paths of energetic meridians while acting onto the acupuncture points. During the treatment the heated plant pouches enlarges pores of the skin allowing essential oils and mix of herbs to absorb better into the deepest layers of epidermis.

Biggest pindas are provided for the surrounding and heating up of bigger area during the massage. These are usually used for the back, shoulder part and stomach massage. Warm pindas beneficially act onto the tensed muscles and bones- joints system. Depending on the filling and degree of heat they are used to alleviate tension of muscles, break down fats and improve skin’s tonus or drain, improve blood circulation, metabolism and lymph circulation in legs. If it is necessary - healing pillows can be combined within one treatment.

There is no skin irritation in a pinda massage; the pouches neutralize negative energy that is often the cause of health problems. Stress is reduced, internal energy is balanced, and unpleasant symptoms are eradicated, stimulating recovery. During the massage, harmful sedimentary substances are expelled from the body, because the specially concocted healing plant mixture is not only absorbed through the skin, but also scented through the nose.