Samurai massage – Massage with bamboo brooms

This type of massage with bamboo brooms has a healing and relaxing effect at a higher level than regular massage. This procedure stimulates the skin, relieves stress and fatigue, improves lymph and blood circulation, relieves muscle pain. The most famous and ancient technique of massage with bamboo brooms is called "samurai massage". The massage is performed by the master in a state of meditation and with the help of a broom from the master to the client vibrational resonance is transmitted. Accordingly, the effect of massage does not end at the muscular level, but passes through the entire body. The therapeutic effect is increased several times. The technique enters into a state of sleep and complete relaxation. By the time this massage is about 25 minutes, it's less than usual. Due to its properties, it has a relaxing and healing effect, relieves fatigue, irritability, muscle pain, and improves blood circulation and skin. In addition, this massage is very popular with women suffering from cellulite.