Sambahana ayurvedic massage

Sambahana is an energy cleansing massage for the entire body. First you will be specially prepared for the procedure, then you will experience a massage of your face, ears, abdomen, chest, hands, legs, feet, posterior, back, collar, neck and head.

Sambahana stimulates the marma points to improve blood and lymphatic circulation and boost the nervous and immune systems. It benefits the physical, ethereal, mental and emotional bodies. By gradually restoring balance to these levels, you are freed from both the symptoms of illnessesand their causes. This massage harmonizes and balances the body, fills it with energy, feeds oxygen to the cells, removes salts and toxins and cleans the colonic tract.

A sambahana massage is especially recommended to relieve both physical and emotional fatigue. It is best enjoyed in the evening so you can rest and relax and wake up the next morning feeling energised and inspired.

The massage may be performed for the whole body or a combination of areas.