New massage in salon Sofija

Relaxing Wave Therapy

The original method of working with body tensions. Can be used for any type of patient. Why this method is called therapy and massage !? Because a man is not subject to traditional massage manipulations, even without taking off clothes, he receives a massage effect ...

Relaxing Wave Therapy ...

Tense muscles and joints, muscle and joint arrays, the difficulty of joining movement will disappear before the eyes.

No pain, no need to use oils and greas, no deformation of the body, no situation where it can not be applied.

For experienced masseurs, this will be a new option for expanding massage techniques and increasing efficiency.

Mastering the technique does not require masseur experience.

Compatible with any other massage techniques.

I really like the kids because it's like playing.

It is very enjoyable for adults because it is pleasant and very effective.

A method for those who want to help the closest as well as for professionals.

Try something new!1h 30eur


Fifth and final festival of esoteric "Gift of Destiny"! Ayurvedic massage Champi affects the body and soul, fills them with energy! Promotion 40min 18eur! Rest in goodness, joy AND HARMONY !!!

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 Deep meridian Altai body massage aimed at increasing energy intensity and vital potential - Energy of life
In ancient times, in the Altai mountains, this practice was the most natural and effective way of maintaining human health. Deep effect, absence of contraindications.

Fast recovery after intellectual and physical exertion;
Deep relaxation, stress relief, fatigue and depressive conditions;
Harmonization of the work of all the basic systems of the body
Relieve stress from the musculoskeletal system and eliminate pain symptoms;
Restoration of metabolic processes in the tissues of internal organs, which increases their functionality;
Activation of the work of all excretory systems, which helps to cleanse the body;
Restoration of sleep;
Alignment of posture, normalization of muscle tone;
Normalization of weight and rejuvenation of the whole body.
Massage is carried out on the floor, massage technology involves the work of a specialist with feet and hands. The effectiveness of the effect is felt from the first session.