Muscular Rebalance

Muscular Rebalance - one of the most interesting soft methods of manual treatment.

The method at first glance looks very simple. The doctor or masseur who performs the procedure, gently and gently shakes the arms, legs, body and entire body of the patient in certain directions.

The method, for all external simplicity, requires special masseur skills. The fact is that the amplitude and volume of movements of the massage therapist determines depending on the reaction of the patient's muscles. When carrying out such a procedure, the masseur does not try to force something on the patient's body, or something to "fix it". Many years of experience in manual therapy show that coarse force is dangerous complications. Modern methods, such as Muscular Rebelence, operate within the framework in which the patient's body feels safe and does not resist. When using such methods, the masseur, as it were, "negotiates" with the patient's body. And the body, "realizing" that they do not try to harm it, gives in.

The technical essence of the method Muscle Rebalance is as follows. The masseur during light swaying determines the amount of movement within which the patient's body does not react with muscle tension. Simultaneously, relying on his feelings, the masseur catches the frequency with which the patient's body enters into the resonance of the swings. With such movements for a certain time, the tone of pathologically strained muscles decreases, pain and stiffness of movements go away.

One of the advantages of this method is that it is applicable for acute pain, when most methods of massage and manual therapy are contraindicated. The Muscle Rebelence method is easily combined with other methods of massage and manual therapy, and can also be used separately. In the latter case, the patient can remain in light clothing.