Deep meridian Altai body massage

In ancient times, in the Altai mountains, this practice was the most natural and effective way of maintaining human health. Nowadays deep massage promotes adaptation to new conditions of existence - social and natural changes due to rapid equalization of the energy level of a person through the meridian system, which gives the following EFFECTS:

Fast recovery after intellectual and physical exertion;
Deep relaxation, stress relief, fatigue and depressive conditions;
Harmonization of the work of all the major systems of the body;
Relieve stress from the musculoskeletal system and eliminate pain symptoms;
Restoration of metabolic processes in the tissues of internal organs, which increases their functionality;
Activation of the work of all excretory systems, which helps to cleanse the body;
Restoration of sleep;
Alignment of posture, normalization of muscle tone;
Normalization of weight and rejuvenation of the whole organism;
It supports the person's ability to function in conditions of intensive working conditions, preserving the vital forces of the organism, preventing the possibility of a "malfunction" in the work of physiology and the psyche.
It has an accumulative effect, which makes it possible to be in good shape not only during the course of massage, but also for a long time after it. In the conditions of time deficit, this makes this practice relevant and irreplaceable.

If you have mastered this practice, you with you wherever you are, will be a tool to address your health and the health of your loved ones.