Spa Pedicure

Your feet are the hardest-working part of your body and deserve special treatment. Day after day of being shoved into heels or confining work shoes, it's no wonder they develop callouses and ache.

SPA pedicure - this is a particularly enjoyable and relaxing leg treatment that will give you a lot of pleasure. SPA pedicure is a regenerative foot care complex featuring pedicure, gentle peeling, moisturizing and nourishing mask, massage for foot reflex zones. The procedure is based on relaxation and rallyation, however, this foot care process is intense enough to result in perfectly cleansed legs, as also complete peace of mind. It's just as difficult to tell a spa pedicure procedure as a piece, so enjoy it for yourself ...

The SPA pedicure, which includes relaxing nails and skin care treatments, is suitable for perfectly healthy skin and nails as it does not have a healing effect. SPA pedicure can not be performed if there is a foot or nail problem or a dermatologic condition, then you must go to the medical pedicure's office.

Feeling the sensation of adventure. The peppermint salt scrub deeply cleanses, the warm mixture of essential oils blends richly, moisturizes and heals your legs, and wraps your legs in heated paraffin pockets to give your feet the necessary softness and warmth.

Included in the offer

Classical Pedicure
Foot bath in the bath
Foot massage
Aromatic Scrub with Essential Oils
Moisturizing and Nourishing Foot Mask
Applying warming and nourishing paraffin mask
Enjoying tea