SPA manicure

A beautiful, well-kept hand, a thorough manicure is a sign of elegance, good taste and youthfulness, because precisely the state of women's age determines the state of the hand. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to the care of hand skin, because it has a low level of sebaceous glands, it is thin, vulnerable and often suffers from drought. Without proper care it ages much faster than the skin in other parts of the body

The SPA Manicure is a very enjoyable procedure that allows the skin of the hands to look much younger thanks to peeling procedures, removal of dead cells and massages! Regular exercise of the SPA manicure eliminates the dandruff of the skin, after the SPA manicure will have a much greater effect on home-made creams.

Regular manicure includes manual soaking (as needed), cuticle cuts, removing lateral contours, creating a nail shape and applying nail polish. The SPA Manicure offers a much wider range of procedures and results - wrapped hands and excellent relaxation.