Massage of the collar zone (30min) 17EUR 15EUR
Classic back massage (40min) 20EUR 17EUR
Terapevtical / fitness/sport back massage (40min) 35EUR 25EUR
Classical massage (80min) /(120min)  30EUR/50EUR
SPA relaxing massage - Anti-stress/  relaxing therapy (60min)/(1h30min) 35EUR/50EUR
Therapeutic/ Fitness/ Sports Massage (60min)/(80min) 40EUR 40EUR/50EUR
SPA Stone therapy - stone massage (40min) /(60min)/(90min) 25EUR/35EUR/50EUR
Massage with Himalayan stones (40min) /(60min)/(90min)
25EUR/35EUR/ 50EUR
SPA Chocolate massage (60min) /(90min) 35EUR/ 50EUR
Deep meridian Altai massage of bodies (60min) 35EUR 30Eur
Aroma massage (60min) 35EUR
Raindrop masage aroma HARMONY - YOUNG LIVING production (60min) 35EUR
Honey massage (45min)/ (60min) 27EUR/37EUR
Peeling - massage (25min)/ (60min) 15EUR/30EUR
Ayurvedic head massage Champi (45min) 35EUR 25EUR
Marma Chikitsa energetic massage (60min) 35EUR 30EUR
Ayurvedic massage of Sambahan - healing massage + Mantras (60min)/ (90min)/ (2h) 60EUR 35EUR/50EUR/60EUR
Ayurvedic massage SHARIRAM ABHJANGA(60min)/ (80min)/ (2h) 60EUR 35EUR/50EUR/60EUR
Ayurvedic massage SAUNDARJA (for woman) (60min)/(80min)/ (2h)
Ayurvedic massage herbal bags Ciurnapinda (90min) 60EUR 55EUR
Ayurvedic massage with hot stones + MANTRA (90min) 50EUR
Indian foot massag (40min) / (60min) 20EUR/ 30EUR
Reflexology foot massage (before, after any kind of massage)(40min)/(60min) 20EUR/ 30EUR
Exotic Massage with coconut bowls (80min) 40EUR 35EUR
SPA Massage with buckwheat, salt, rice pouches (90min) 50EUR
Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi (60min)/ (90min)/ (2h) 65EUR 35EUR/50EUR/60EUR
Express Massage (back, neck, hand) (30min) 15EUR
Anti-cellulite  massage (40min)/ (60min) 35EUR 25EUR/35EUR
Anti-cellulite / lymphatic drainage massag (40min)/ (60min) 25EUR 25EUR/35UR
Aromalimfodrenage (60min)/(90min)
Wraps of clay for weight loss with black / blue clay to reduce body volume (80min) 45EUR
The program "Mud of the Dead Sea" Wrap with Dead Sea mud against cellulite (80min) 45EUR
Hand anti-cellulite massage + scrub + anti-cellulite oil / slimming gel (80min) 45EUR
Classic massage (back) + Anti-cellulite massage + Honey + Anti-cellulite can massage (60min)/ (80min)(120min) 40EUR/50EUR/60EUR
Hardware vacuum anti-cellulite lymph drainage massage (40min)/ (60min) 35EUR 25EUR/35EUR
Breast lift (20min) 10EUR
Detox program/detox body cleansing massage (1h30min)/ (2h)
Face massage, scrub, mask GMT cosmetic
Apparatus vacuum lifting facial massage (30min) 15EUR
Massage  rejuvenating face (30min) 15EUR
Massage face  with stone (30min)                                                  18EUR
Facial Gouache massage (scraper ) (30min) 15EUR
Fitness Facial Massage Anti Age (no oil) (30min) 15EUR
Thai foot massage (60min) 35EUR 30EUR
Berry-fruit massage (60min) 40EUR
Chinese gouache massage (SCRAPER) (40min)/ (60min) 25EUR 20EUR/30EUR
Visceral VACUUM THERAPY (40min) 20EUR
Massage with magnetic acupuncture jars (20min) 12EUR
Massage with Tibetan bowls (30min) (60min)
Massage for couples relaxing (60min) 70EUR
Four-Hand Massage CLASSIC (60min) 60EUR
Reiki Energy (30min) (60min) 15EUR/ 30EUR
Harmonization of chakras with the help of Reiki (30min) (60min) 15EUR/ 30EUR
The session of the non-contact bioenergetic massage of Juna (30min) 15EUR
Block removal - Rebalans massage(60min) 35EUR 30EUR
Massage with herbal brooms (herbal and berry preparations (30min) 15EUR
Samurai massage - Massage with bamboo brooms (20min) 12EUR
Waxing for woman 7-25Eur
Waxing for men 8-30Eur
Trimmer 7-30Eur