Head/foot/hand massage (relieves tension) (30min) 15EUR
Classic back massage (reduces back muscle tension) (40min)  17EUR
Sport /Therapeutic/ Fitness massage (help to restore energy and power) (40min)/(60min)/(80min) 25EUR/40EUR/50EUR
Classic full body massage (pain, swelling) (80min) /(90min)  30EUR/35EUR
Classic leg and back / leg and foot massage (60min) 25EUR
Classic back massage and classic facial massage (60min)
Relaxing SPA massage - Anti-stress/  relaxing therapy (eases stress and reduces fatigue) (60min)/(1h30min) 30EUR/50EUR
Classic massage+massage brusches+body masks+head massage (or hands, feet) (60min)/(80min) 33EUR/38EUR
Hot stone therapy - stone massage/ himalayan salt stone/ jade (40min) /(60min)/(90min) 25EUR/35EUR/50EUR
SPA Chocolate massage (total pleasure experience) (60min) /(90min) 35EUR/ 50EUR
Deep meridian Altai massage (on the floor) (40min)/(60min) 20EUR/30Eur
Aroma massage (helps to make you feel balance and harmony) (60min)/(90min) 35EUR/50EUR
Aroma lympatic drainge /lympatic drainge massage (60min)/(90min) 35EUR/50EUR
Alps aroma massage (back, legs, feet, head) (60min)/(90min) 35EUR/50EUR
Raindrop masage aroma therapeutic HARMONY - YOUNG LIVING production (60min) 40EUR
SPA Honey massage (45 min)/(60min)/(90min) 25EUR/30EUR/50EUR
Peeling - massage (pore cleansing and skin renewal) (25min)/ (60min) 15EUR/30EUR
CHAKRA massage - therapy (removes energy blockages) (40min)
Ayurvedic  Champi head massage (ideal for headaches, migraine and neck tension) (45min) 20EUR
Marma Chikitsa energetic massage (60min)  30EUR
Ayurvedic  Sambahana massage - healing massage + Mantras (60min)/ (90min)/ (2h)  35EUR/50EUR/60EUR
Ayurvedic SHARIRAM ABHYANGA massage (60min)/ (80min)/ (2h)  35EUR/50EUR/60EUR
Ayurvedic  SOUNDARYA massage (for woman) (60min)/(80min)/ (2h)
Ayurvedic  herbal bags Curnapinda (90min)  55EUR
Ayurvedic  with hot stones massage (90min) 50EUR
Massage with Tibetan bowls (30min)/ (60min) 15EUR/30EUR
Indian foot massag (legs and head) (stimulates our physical and energetic centres) (40min) / (60min) 20EUR/ 30EUR
Thai foot massage (relaxing or strong)  with Thai oil (40min)/(60min) 20EUR/30EUR
Foot reflexology  massage or SPA foot massage (lymphatic circulation) (40min)/(60min) 20EUR/ 30EUR
Thai massage/ Thai oil massage (60min) 35EUR
Exotic coconut bowls massage  (80min)  35EUR
Warm buckwheat /sand pad massage (eases stresses and muscular tension) (90min) 50EUR
Hawaiian  Lomi Lomi massage (instil seanse of peace, harmony) (60min)/ (90min)/ (2h)  35EUR/50EUR/60EUR
Deep anti-cellulite  massage (40min)/ (60min)/(80min) 20EUR/30EUR/38EUR
Deep anti-cellulite / lymphatic drainage massage (for problem areas (hips, arms, stomach) (40min)/ (60min)/ (80min)
Anti-cellulite massage + wraping procedure (mud, gel) + peeling (80min) 45EUR
Anti-cellulite massage + back+ honey + vacuum massage (60min)/ (80min)/(120min) 35EUR/45EUR/60EUR
Anti-cellulite massage+massage brushes+mask+head massage (foot or hand) (60min)/(80min) 33EUR/38EUR
Vacuum/apparatus massage (eliminates stretches and corrects the figure) (40min)/ (60min)/(80min)  20EUR/30EUR/38EUR
Anti-cellulite massage+massage (60min)
Honey massage (improves your overall health) (45min)/ (60min)/(90min) 25EUR/30EUR/50EUR
Breast lift (20min) 10EUR
Detox program/detox massage (helps to flush toxins from the body) (1h30min)/ (2h)
Detox masks/ foot or head massage (40min) 20EUR
Classical/ lympho drainage facial massage (30min)/(45min)
15EUR/ 20EUR
Facial massage vacuum/apparatus  (30min)/(45min) 15EUR/20EUR
Vacuum massage with cosmetic vacuum jars (45min) 20EUR
Anti- ageing facial fitness massage (no oil) (30min)/(45min) 15EUR/20EUR
Facial Gouache massage (scraper ) (30min) 15EUR
Classical massage / lymphatic drainage facial massage plasticizing face mask /as a gift foot or head massage (60min)
Facial massage +scrub+mask (60min)/ (80min) 25EUR/30EUR
Facial massage+scrub+ mask (GMT cosmetic) (70min)
Facial SPLIT MASSAGE /BUCCAL (in the mouth)(60min)/ (80min) 25EUR/35EUR
SPLIT massage Manual face modeling / buccal / Modeling stone massage / semi-precious stones (60min)/ (80min) 25EUR/35EUR
Face cleansing/ peeling almond /facial massage/face mask face cream (90min)
Massage with modeling stone / semi-precious stones (30min) /(40min)                                              15EUR/20EUR
Fruit and berry massage (60min) 40EUR
Chinese guacha massage (SCRAPER) (40min)/ (60min)  20EUR/30EUR
Visceral VACUUM THERAPY (40min) 20EUR
Massage with magnetic acupuncture jars (30min) 15EUR
Reiki session (hands on healing) (30min)/ (60min) 15EUR/ 30EUR
Harmonization of chakras with  Reiki (30min)/ (60min) 15EUR/ 30EUR
Muscle Rebalance massage (rejuvenates and soothes muscles) (60min)  30EUR
Massage with herbal brooms (herbal and berry preparations (30min) 15EUR
Massage with bamboo brushes (30min) 15EUR
Bioenergetic massage of Juna (30min) 15EUR
Waxing for woman 7-25Eur
Waxing for men 8-30Eur
Trimmer 7-30Eur