Massage with magnetic acupuncture jars

Magnetopuncture as a method of magnetotherapy of acupuncture points is effective in the treatment of various diseases. By practicing this alternative therapeutic way of acting on the body, magnetic cans of acupuncture action are used, which are put at certain points. Also the setting of magnetic cans is practiced to get rid of cellulite.
Magnetopuncture is the same method of action, it performs the same functions, but without skin damage with a needle, and thanks to the well penetrating properties of magnetic fields, the effect comes faster and the procedure becomes safer. These same properties help to apply therapy not only at the points of acupuncture, but also in larger areas, compensating to some extent the energy deficit in the body.

Local influence of the magnetic field on virtually any part of the body allows the internal organs to perform self-regulation.

Self-regulation of the body, which occurs due to reducing the energy deficit in the body, helps to restore a rather complex system of metabolic processes without the intervention of a doctor. As a result, there is a normalization of processes, which means recovery and rejuvenation.

The principle of the magnetic acupuncture cans is as follows. Inside the plastic can is a fairly powerful magnet, which has a conical shape and has a magnetic field strength of 2500 gauss. When the can is attached to the surface of the body, the skin is pulled upward by the formation of a vacuum, and the sharp end of the magnetic cone becomes identical to the point press of the needle in the acupuncture, but at the same time (in contrast to the acupuncture technique) there is no tissue damage. The magnetic field penetrates to a sufficient depth, from 6 to 9 cm, which improves circulation and more intensive metabolism at the cellular level.

Some magnetic cans for treatment of diseases have northern N-magnets, others, on the contrary, possess exclusively southern S-magnets. Their actions are radically different.

It is commonly believed that energy comes from the north pole, which controls the proper operation of internal organs. On the contrary, the South Pole has a relaxing, relaxing effect.

Simultaneously, the resulting triple effect (magnet, press and vacuum) is able to open new opportunities for using this method in the treatment of many diseases.