Hand anti-cellulite massage + scrub + anti-cellulite oil / slimming gel

Anti-cellulite massage
Correcting anti-cellulite massage provides an excellent opportunity to relax and to improve the metabolic processes of the body at the same time.

The technique of a professional massagist aimed at correcting the body, its energy and warmth have a positive impact not only on the body, but also on the emotional state of a person.
Our experts recommend a course of massage consisting of from 7 to 12 procedures. (1-2 times a week) Results: reduction of volume, healthy, elastic skin. Slim silhouette. And also an excellent mood and no cellulite at all.

Let our specialists rejuvenate your body and give your skin the natural and desired glow.

Our staff will also improve your treatment further by adding essential oils and emollients to keep the minerals and water inside the skin and personalise it according to your specific needs.

Anti-cellulite oil / slimming gel