Gifts of natural nature

Thanks to the healing properties of aspen and birch, miraculously calms the nervous system. And this is not surprising, since in the life of modern man there is a place of depression and stress, and stick massage can easily cope with these nervous strains.

The most true Russian birch tree has its roots in the deep past and is associated with the name of the most revered goddess in Russia Bereginya. The tree is birch and very beautifully Russian beauty, and is considered a perfect healing tree. The healing properties of birch are exceptionally multifaceted. With a curative purpose, birch buds, juice, bark, leaves, parasitizing on the birch tree mushroom chaga, and even the burnt tree is useful: it receives tar, coal and ash. But one more property of the birch was used by the Magi of Rus. Wood itself has energy-absorbing properties. It as a magnet absorbs all the negative charges of a person's biofield and easily gives them to water and earth. Without aspens the Russian forest is not a forest. Mysterious this tree, beautiful and sad. In the summer, as if from an aspen, a green fog is born, and in the autumn it surprises people with its bright bloody leaves. They call the aspen in the people a trembling tree. Its leaf trembles with the lightest air movement, and even when steep silence is steep, the aspen leaves tremble for no apparent reason, the Pagans considered aspen a tree with an abundance of life. Like, therefore, its leaves always tremble, hesitate, talk among themselves. Aspen has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antitussive and anthelmintic effect. And of course you remember the tales of vampires where the only weapon from them is an aspen stake. Aspen wood saturates the human body with energy and kills all adverse effects