Champi – Indian head massage

Champi massage - it is an ancient point massage for head and the upper part of body. It is an element of Ayurvedic massage. In Hindi language “Champi” means “rubbing”, “friction”, “pressure”and denotes the massage movements that are performed for the head and neck areas.
Champi massage affects the nervous, lymphatic and arterial systems. It mobilizes cerebrospinal fluid, nourishes capillary rootsand activatesblood circulation.

Benefits of Champi massage:

Champi helps ease health problems ofthe whole body,mind and spirit of a receiver. It increases the overall energy level ofa person and relieves tension.

Champi is very effective in improvement of such symptomsas:
o Insomnia;
o Muscle spasms;
o Emotional fatigue and apathy;
o Lack of concentration abilities;
o Fears and anxiety;
o Hair loss;
o Dandruff;
o Other head skin problems.

Champi is applied to relieve muscle tension of the upper back, shoulders, neck and head of a person.

This massage type is aimed at relaxing the rotator cuff of a person, so it is especially recommended for the desk-bound staff. It stimulates head blood circulation that in turn intensifies brain activity, improves memory, relieves head aches and ringing in the ears.
During a Champi massage session a masseur applies pressure to the points that positively affect the whole body and activate the energetic channels of the receiver.

Young woman having head ayurveda spa treatment.