Bioenergetic massage of Juna

The session of the contactless bioenergetic massage of Juna - healing by the method of contactless massage can be combined with medicines. The number of sessions per day is one, the duration is 15-20 minutes. With the help of non-contact massage sessions, you can get rid of chronic diseases, improve your well-being and remove the feeling of constant fatigue. Energy massage can remove the effects of stressful situations, restore the energy aura of a person. Energy massage is also used to relieve and relieve pain, increase the tone of the body, accelerate the withdrawal of toxins, normalize nervous and cardiovascular activity. The human body acquires its original, natural state. Prophylactic sessions of contactless massage - fatigue, chaos in the head, to replenish energy, harmonization of the chakras. Healing session of non-contact bioenergetic massage - healing of diseases, healing of the soul and body.